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This is an unofficial fan site.
All copyrights belong to their owners.


This site is a result of joint efforts of the following people:

Ben Osborne - founder of the site, webmaster 1995-1998
Ferres - webmaster since 1998, author of the Polish version and HTML code
KingV - co-author since 2001, bootlegs
Amen - co-author 2001-2002


We would like to say thanks to the following people:

Dave Mustaine and Megadeth - for everlasting inspiration and magnificent music

Tor Laneryd - for brilliant interpretations, that often fit the lyrics better than quotes from band members
Elaine Hinton - for consulting our ideas, which was extremely important at the beginning

Serpenth - for interviews and advice
Ivan Paniagua - for rare Megadeth artworks
Wednesday - for photos of Mustaine
John Dilks - for ideas and images
Nick - for his help with conducting interview with Mustaine
Maciek - for his help with lyrics translations
Ears - for his help with lyrics translations
Space - for guitar tabs
Lord Sauron - for bass tabs and images
Rick - for his time and patience
Sem Hadland - for inspiration

And to you all, Megadeth fans, for sending us Megadeh-related stuff, correcting errors, and for your enthusiasm and compliments - this site wouldn't be half that good without your critical remarks.

And to you, lame webmasters, who keep stealing our work and putting our Megadeth Timeline or Megadeth Facts on your sites as yours - you know who you are. Why don't you just try better and create something by yourself?

Can you help us?

Here is a short list of problems we have came across. Perhaps you can help us with them...

We need the following pieces of information:

  • Who remixed "I'll Get Even (pt. 2)"?
  • Who was vocalist of The New Yorkers (Chris Poland's and Gar Samuelson's original band) in 1982?
  • Who designed and who did covers of Killing Is My Business... and Still Alive... And Well? albums?

And we need the following images as well:

  • cover of Skin O'My Teeth CD single without any stickers
  • original cover of Godzilla Box

We would also appreciate, if some native speakers of English could help us correct, write and translate our texts.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is to answer questions that are asked in almost every e-mail we receive from you. Please read this mini FAQ carefully before you mail us!

Question: How can I contact Dave Mustaine and/or Megadeth?

Answer: As far as we know, neither Dave Mustaine nor Megadeth have official e-mail addresses. Please do not forget that the e-mail address of our site is not e-mail address of the band.

Question: Why doesn't this site show properly in my browser?

Answer: This site is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or better in 800x600 resolution or higher, in HiColor (16 bit) mode or better, with JavaScript enabled.

Question: Why am I having problems with voting your poll?

Answer: Our poll is a mailing one, and is not compatible with some browsers. It is impossible to submit your vote if you're using AOL browser. If this is the case, please send us your votes by mail.

Question: Why is this site so rarely updated?

Answer: Please do not forget that we don't get any money for running this site and that we have other, more important duties. One way or another, we're doing our best.

Question: Why do all the track listings for the Hidden Treasures album contain nine tracks? The US release had eight songs, the Japanese had twelve, so why nine?

Answer: We decided to exclude all Japanese bonus tracks that were featured on other albums from our album tracklists in order to make them clearer. This includes "Breakpoint" and "Go to Hell" (released on Japanese edition of Countdown to Extinction, but also on Hidden Treasures, where they "naturally" belong), live versions of "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due," "Symphony of Destruction" and "Sweating Bullets" from the Japanese edition of Youthanasia and "A Tout Le Monde" together with demo version of "Symphony of Destruction" and "Architecture of Aggression" from the Japanese edition of Hidden Treasures. So, the nine tracks on our Hidden Treasures tracklist are: eight tracks from the US release and "New World Order," as it was not featured on any other Megadeth album.

Question: Why is your discography incomplete? You missed so many promos.

Answer: We chose only the most interesting promos, namely those that have some original artwork and/or contain live or rare tracks.

Question: What are the differences between the Polish and the English version of this site? Are you planning some any language versions?

Answer: There are different interviews in each one, more importantly the English version features lyrics interpretations, and the Polish one contains additional albums reviews.

Question: Where does the name of this site come from?

Answer: The name "The Realms of Deth" was chosen by Ben Osborne and refers to Judas Priest song titled "Beyond the Realms of Death."

Question: When and how did this site come into existence?

Answer: Ben Osborne founded this site in mid 90-ties, but it was taken over by Ferres in August 1998, then it was reconstructed and developed. It was in May 1999 that this site was moved to

Disclaimer :: Authors :: Acknowledgements :: Can you help us? :: Frequently Asked Questions

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