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MD.45 - The Craving :: Making Music Your Business: A Guide for Young Musicians :: Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper

The Craving

Combat, December 2, 1996

Produced by Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine - guitars
Lee Ving - vocals
Kelly Lemieux - bass
Jimmy DeGrasso - drums

Total running time: 40:20

The Craving

Lyrics :: Guitar Tabs

# Track: Music, lyrics by: Length:
1. Hell's Motel Mustaine, Ving 4:41
2. Day the Music Died Mustaine 4:38
3. Fight Hate Mustaine, Ving 2:51
4. Designer Behavior Mustaine 3:30
5. The Creed Mustaine 4:58
6. My Town Mustaine, Ving 3:11
7. Voices Mustaine, Ving 3:36
8. Nothing Is Something Mustaine, Ving, Lemieux, DeGrasso 3:57
9. Hearts Will Bleed Mustaine, Ving 3:11
10. No Pain Mustaine, Ving 2:50
11. Roadman Mustaine, Ving 2:57

"For the most part, it's a good-time record. As with any kind of musical offering, people are gonna love it and people are gonna hate it." (Mustaine, 1996)

MD.45 was a side project, on which Dave Mustaine collaborated with Lee Ving, the lead singer for the LA punk band Fear. The name is Dave's and Lee's initials reversed, since VL would be 45 in Roman numerals. Kelly Lemieux (Electric Love Hogs, Fear, Goldfinger) played bass and Jimmy DeGrasso, then a member of Alice Cooper's touring band, and member of Megadeth at the moment, played drums.

"MD.45 is such a nice thing for me to do outside of Megadeth. It helps me get rid of information and ideas that I have that I can't do with Megadeth and it helps me come back to Megadeth fully recharged and invigorated." (Mustaine, 1996)

"When the Youthanasia promotional tour was over I had a couple songs I really wanted to record, but it was to early for a new Megadeth album. The guys needed a break. So I went to the studio alone, and talked some new people into co-operation." (Mustaine, 1996)

"I never meant to say that there would be no punk influences... When thrash speed metal came out, I was definitely a punk! in fact, I was probably endeared as the punk of the movement. So it would be dumb to say that there are no punk influences. That would be like putting pepper in a soup and then saying there's not going to be any pepper influences on the soup. But what I didn't want was for this to be a per se 'neo-punk' movement thing." (Mustaine, 1996)

"Lee has his ideas, I had my ideas, and we butted heads a little... But I told Lee that in no way, shape or form is this going to be a punk record." (Mustaine, 1996)

What does the title come from?

"What's one of the most powerful emotions that humans go through? Cravings. You can be addicted to sugar or cigarettes or sex. When you're hungry, you want something to eat and if you taste something good you want more. Some nimrod somewhere said it was about my battle with drug addiction [Katherine Turman from Metal Hammer who wrote that "The title refers to Mustaine's ongoing battle with addiction"]. A guy who craves a Snickers bar isn't addicted to heroine." (Mustaine, 1996)

MD.45 - The Craving :: Making Music Your Business: A Guide for Young Musicians :: Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper

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