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  1. Who was supposed to become Megadeth vocalist?

     Joey Belladona
     David Ellefson
     Sean Harris
     John Bush

  2. No Megadeth song was included on:

     Last Action Hero soundtrack
     End of Days soundtrack
     Mortal Kombat: Annihilation soundtrack
     Universal Soldier: The Return soundtrack

  3. Spanish version of "Trust" was released on:

     Argentinean edition of Cryptic Writings
     Chilean edition of Cryptic Writings
     "Almost Honest" singles
     "Trust" singles

  4. What was the maiden name of Dave Mustaine's wife?


  5. During the recording of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Megadeth's second guitarist was:

     Chris Poland
     Marty Friedman
     Sport Thompson
     none of above

  6. Al Pitrelli never played with:

     Alice Cooper Band

  7. "Liar" is a song against:

     James Hetfield
     Chris Poland
     Max Norman
     Kirk Hammett

  8. "These Boots" was re-recored for:

     Dudes soundtrack
     Shocker soundtrack
     Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey soundtrack
     Super Mario Bros soundtrack

  9. The tenative name for the MD.45 project was:

     Smoking Gun
     Return to Hangar

  10. So Far, So Good... So What! went Platinum in:


  11. Which song isn't instrumental?

     "Duke Nukem Theme"
     "Into the Lungs of Hell"
     "Wake Up Dead"
     "Silent Scorn"

  12. "Set the World Afire" begins with a fragment of a song by:

     Ink Spots
     The Chocolateers
     Johnny Otis Orchestra
     Ella Fitzgerald

  13. Megadeth never opened for:

     Diamond Head
     Mötley Crüe
     Iron Maiden

  14. The phrase "Your tongue twists perverse" comes from:

     "Hangar 18"
     "A Tout Le Monde"
     "Tornado of Souls"

  15. The first Megadeth demo was entitled:

     Last Rites
     Choses Ones
     Thrashing to Megadeth

  16. Deluxe edition of Killing Is My Business... album was remastered by:

     Dave Mustaine
     Bill Kennedy
     Tom Baker
     Dann Huff

  17. A riff from "Hangar 18" is similar to a riff from Metallica's:

     "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
     "The Call of Ktulu"
     "The God That Failed"

  18. What was David Ellefson's first band?

     The New Yorkers

  19. Who did not co-write any Megadeth song?

     Sean Harris
     Brian Howe
     Bud Prager
     Rhys Fulber

  20. Storm Thorgerson did not make any album cover artwork for:

     Pink Floyd
     The Cranberries

Quiz for Beginners :: Quiz for Hardcore Fans :: Nightmare Quiz

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