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  1. Dave Mustaine points as his "godfather" to:

     Alice Cooper
     Ozzy Osbourne
     Ronnie James Dio
     Jimmy Page

  2. Two Megadeth songs were featured on:

     Beavis and Butthead Experience soundtrack
     Mortal Kombat: Annihilation soundtrack
     Duke Nukem: Music to Score by compilation
     Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath compilation

  3. "Crown of Worms" was released on:

     A Tout Le Monde singles
     Japanese edition of Youthanasia
     Duke Nukem: Music to Score by compilation
     all of the above

  4. Dave Mustaine's daughter name is:


  5. Who never was a member of Megadeth?

     Dijon Carruthers
     Mike Albert
     Jay Reynolds
     James Murphy

  6. Before joining Megadeth Jimmy DeGrasso drummed in:

     Suicidal Tendencies
     Ozzy Osbourne

  7. "In My Darkest Hour" is dedicated to:

     Cliff Burton of Metallica
     Sean Harris of Diamond Head
     Kirk Hammett of Metallica
     Dave Mustaine's wife Pam

  8. Megadeth recorded two covers of:

     Black Sabbath and Diamond Head
     Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper
     Black Sabbath and Sex Pistols
     Alice Cooper and Sex Pistols

  9. The tentative title of Cryptic Writings was:

     Have Cool, Will Travel
     Needles and Pins

  10. Which album did not go Platinum?

     Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
     Rust in Peace
     Cryptic Writings

  11. Megadeth received Grammy award for:

     "Angry Again"
     "99 Ways to Die"
     none of above

  12. "Use the Man" begins with a fragment of a song by:

     The Beatles
     The Searchers
     Alice Cooper

  13. Megadeth never toured with:

     Stone Temple Pilots

  14. Megadeth game pieces were released on:

     "Symphony of Destruction" singles
     "Sweating Bullets" singles
     "Foreclosure of a Dream" singles
     "Skin O'My Teeth" singles

  15. Japanese box containing all Megadeth singles released up to 1993 was entitled:

     Maximum Megadeth
     Old Testaments
     The Megabox
     The Originals

  16. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" was produced by:

     Paul Lani
     Desmond Child
     Max Norman
     Dann Huff

  17. Dave Mustaine is not officialy recognized as co-author of Metallica's:

     "The Call of Ktulu"
     "Ride the Lightning"
     "Lepper Messiah"
     "Phantom Lord"

  18. Marty Friedman's first band was:

     Marty Friedman

  19. Who wrote lyrics of "Foreclosure of a Dream"?

     Mustaine, Friedman
     Mustaine, Ellefson
     Mustaine, Ellefson, Menza, Friedman

  20. The cover artwork of Rust in Peace albums was made by:

     Edward J. Repka
     Hugh Syme
     Kalynn Campbell
     Tommy Steele

Quiz for Beginners :: Quiz for Hardcore Fans :: Nightmare Quiz

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