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The Craving

The Craving


Hell's Motel :: Day the Music Died :: Fight Hate :: Designer Behavior :: The Creed :: My Town :: Voices :: Nothing Is Something :: Hearts Will Bleed :: No Pain :: Roadman

Hell's Motel

(Music: Mustaine; lyrics: Mustaine, Ving)

An old man cuts his face
But not because the razor's dull
It's from his hands shaking
From the lack of what he's taking
Not like an old man's memories
His wrongs are still and forever

Hoping mistakes will fade with the sun
But no surprise, they never do
Hoping mistakes will fade with the sun
They never do at Hell's Motel

Lord, please spread my wings
I want to fly away
I don't want to die on the vine
Lord, please smile on me
I don't want to live forever
But I don't want to die on the vine

Never talks about the past
How he could hold a scalpel
Mighty hippocratic oath
How he sold himself for naught
He lived when they lived
And he died when they died, too

Accepting the new sacred calf of the pagans
As we all die on the vine
Accepting the new sacred calf of the pagans
That's life in Hell's Motel

Oh Lord, please spread my wings
I want to fly away
But I don't want to die on the vine
Oh Lord, won't you smile on me
I don't want to live forever
I just don't want to die on the vine

And tonight he'll close his eyes
Hoping the sun will rise again
And all will be forgiven
And this was all just a dream
But the walls to the motel are thin
And next door someone's getting beaten

Tears for the unknown are seeds that are sown
And we're all on the run
Tears for the unknown are seeds that are sown
This ain't life at Hell's Motel

Hell's Motel

This ain't life
In Hell's Motel

"I was reading something about McVey and Nichols [the suspects in the Oklahoma City bombing incident of 1995] and what they did on the way to Oklahoma and I wrote about it. There was a doctor who became so enslaved to drugs and alcohol that he has on his body tattooed who to notify when he dies. He'd spend the money for that but not to seek help." (Mustaine, 1996)

Day the Music Died

(Music, lyrics: Mustaine)

Maybe you might have heard
But no one spoke a word
The day the planet cried
The day the music died

Each day another dream
Killed by the music scene
All access was denied
The day the music died

We paid for everything
But back not a single thing
Our talents were all sucked dry
The day the music died

We saw it on TV
In all the magazines
We thought the news had lied
The day the music died

This is make believe
This is not for real
This won't last forever
This won't last at all

Eliminate the scene
It's illegal now to sing
Outlaws ask the reasons why
The day the music died

Now imprisoned for my craft
I smile and have to laugh
In my head the music's still alive
The day the music died

As all our hopes were dashed
Seems that all our throats were slashed
How could all our songs survive
The day the music died

Greedy fat bureaucrats
Care only for sales and stats
Woke up with dollar signs in their eyes
The day the music died

"'Day the Music Died' is about the shape of the industry right now. These monkeys started hiring bands based on their zip codes and not their talent. You had this huge influx of Seattle bands and now there's all these Austin bands, and all of a sudden it's San Diego bands. The San Francisco bands were big back in the early '80s. Whatever happened to signing a band because they have longevity and they're really good?" (Mustaine, 1996)

Fight Hate

(Music: Mustaine; lyrics: Ving)

Fight, something's different
Hate, something's different
Fight, something's different
Hate, something's gotta change

I guess hate is dead or
At least that's what I read
Can't we all get along, well
We do now the newspapers says
It's great to be here today
Now that hate's gone away
We'll all be feeling great
Now that we've conquered hate
Somebody said, and I quote,
"I hear that's what they said," yeah

Hate's made obsolete
By man's superior intellect
Animals don't hate
They're too smart, deserve more respect
Hate's no longer cool
And it's time for a new dawn
And we've done our part
With this anti-hate song
Fine, from now on
We're no longer afflicted with hate

Hate messed with the best, and died like the rest
Hate don't walk, it crawls, hate's got no balls
Hatred is dead, it's screamed, kicked, and bled
Hate lost the war, hate's days are over
Hate burned its flag, hate's bound and gagged
Hate race is run, stick a fork in hate's done
Hate disappears, ain't heard hate in years
Hate's got no place in the US of A

"'Fight Hate' is one of Lee's lyrics and it has some weird things in it that I wasn't gonna ask him about. Lee is his own person and I'll leave it to him to describe." (Mustaine, 1996)

Designer Behavior

(Music, lyrics: Mustaine)

Don't wanna talk about it
Don't wanna read about it
Don't wanna hear about it
Don't wanna see about it

Something's funny about a medical physician
Me lying on my back is his favorite position
Designer behavior with paxil, and valium
Even you can stomach prozac and lithium

Remember "Ozzie and Harriet"?
Remember "The Stepford Wives"?
Remember "Father Knows Best"?
Remember "I Love Lucy"?

A product of design
Back to the drawing board
Gotta be insane to fit in
If not you'll be ignored
You take apart my brain
But you couldn't make the pieces fit
Then give me happy pills
There's pieces left you idiot

"'Designer Behavior' talks about psychopharmaceuticals and how people reminisce about family life - Ward and June Cleaver, Ricky and Lucy, and "Father Knows Best." When I watch those shows on TV I think, 'It sure would be nice if my son listened to me like that.' But who are you trying to kid? Kids are totally different now and it's harder to be a good parent. It's harder to be a good father than a good musician... Most dads are pussies, they don't set any good role modeling habits for kids and they're not good husbands. People think, 'He's this staunch supporter of being a good dad and husband, what kind of wuss is that?' I don't give a fuck what people think because at the end of the day I know I've done the right thing." (Mustaine, 1996)

The Creed

(Music, lyrics: Mustaine)

From the dust of which I came
To dust I return again
From my mother I am torn
With my brothers off the war
We escape before the dawn
Try to outrun the sun
Take my own life in my hands
Fearing God but never man

Take my ancient hand,
Look me in the eye
Looking past the lines
Soon you'll see as I
You are young if you want
You could be old if you try
I can show you how to live
But you can't show me how to die

As the sun stalks the sky
I am not afraid to die
My ear upon the ground
For the ironhorse's sound
Encircle glowing rocks
One by one each chieftain talks
Tales of yore and bravest deeds
Coveting their warrior creed

My hands will bridge the distance
Of beginning to the end
The time for learning ceases
It was all wasted and spent
From witch doctor to shaman,
Kachina doll to chief
The spirit knows what ails you,
You beg for its relief
All that I know, all that I say,
My heart beats and my pulse drums
Out tribal rhythms pounding through the sky

"'The Creed' is about my sensei, I used to take aikido in Van Nuys, CA, where it says, 'Wait for Iron Horse's sound.' That's my sensei's Indian name, Iron Horse. It's about warriors sitting around a fire in a sweat lodge telling tales of various deeds. That song has a lot of meaning to me because it's symbolic of the native Americans' plight, how we take for granted their creed of living in harmony with the land instead of how we are, raping and pillaging it." (Mustaine, 1996)

My Town

(Music: Mustaine; lyrics: Mustaine, Ving)

New York City, Hollywood,
Philadelphia, New Orleans
Cincinatti, San Francisco,
Detroit City, Albequerque
Reno, Tuscon, Dallas, El Paso
Tulsa, Vegas, Denver, Seattle

Tonight we stole the keys to the city
Your town is mine, I'm coming through
We'll light a fire underneath your sky
Tomorrow takes us someplace new

Cleveland, Charlotte, Columbus, Salt Lake City
San Diego, Syracuse, San Jose, Talahassee

Nashville, Houston, Portland, Knoxville
Phoenix, Raleigh, Oakland, Mobile
Providence, Washington, Baltimore, Austin
Lafayette, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Boston

"'My Town, ' we thought of every single city that we've raced through in Fear and Megadeth and there were a lot Megadeth went to that Fear did not, and vice versa, and we combined the two. Fear play to a much different audience than we do. (Mustaine, 1996)


(Music: Mustaine; lyrics: Mustaine, Ving)

Locked in battle hardened
Deep despair and doubt
A gaggle of grenades with
All the pins pulled out

A dog bit my hand,
I'm crawling on the ground
Asking for some help,
But noone ever comes
Walking in a nightmare,
Please turn on the light
I hear the strangest sounds,
Can anyone hear them?

I hear them

Hit my head on the wall,
Till my keepers come
Protect me from myself,
Off to the quiet room
Weird specters ride the air,
I know I can't be wrong
I see and hear them too,
Can anyone else hear them?

"The weirdest thing was, at the end of the South American tour, I was sleeping, and I heard voices saying, 'Don't do it, it will be the biggest mistake of your life.' I don't hear voices, ever. This is the first time I ever had a sign like this. I though, 'Whoa, this is a different twist... ' I didn't know who is was; God or the Devil... or Marty or Dave!" (Mustaine, 1996)

"'Voices' was a nightmare I had one day. I dreamt that James Hetfield, Axl Rose and myself all wrote a song together. The nightmare was about the song, not being with James and Axl. I am looking forward to doing something someday with those guys, individually, or collectively." (Mustaine, 1996)

Nothing Is Something

(Music: Mustaine, Ving, Lemieux, DeGrasso; lyrics: Mustaine)

Dig in the trash,
There's nothing to eat
Sores on my tongue,
Sores on my feet
Open the fridge,
There's only pickles and beer
Breakfast of champions,
Only things served in here

Nothing is something I'll get some today
Nothing is something I'm wasting away
Nothing is something my life's in decay
Nothing is something

Going to a party,
To look for my friends
I know I ain't got none,
Hell I can always pretend
Everyone will be there,
Where the girls go
I don't know where it is,
And I don't know where to go

Things I do, decisions I make
My life story's a comic book,
That explains the way I look

"Someone said, 'I'm not gonna do anything today.' Well, nothing is something. You've made a decision. It's a play on a Geddy Lee lyric, 'If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.' People have said, 'Dave's so anti-drug and alcohol, Lee's so pro-, how can it mix?' Well, a lot of critics are anal ostriches. I chuckle sometimes when I see these things." (Mustaine, 1996)

Hearts Will Bleed

(Music: Mustaine; lyrics: Ving)

Freedom, justice, power of reason
Peace, opportunity, compassion, equal equality

These are the things we need
The same stars shine on everyone
We're blessed, we agree, we receive
We'll live in peace till our hearts bleed

Homeland, good friends, people who make amends
We spend gainful days, the profit is ours to save

"'Hearts Will Bleed' is a song Lee wrote the lyrics to, you'd have to ask him what it means. I think Lee wrote that about the better qualities of people rather than rock stars pointing the finger at everybody. It's more about the assets people have." (Mustaine, 1996)

No Pain

(Music: Mustaine; lyrics: Ving)

I'm the demon, you can trust me
I'm the demon, as you can see
I'm the demon, for you are free
You'll be safe if you listen to me

Just a taste is all you need
You'll feel better with help from me
Hungry for your brain to ease
If you don't take it you go crazy
You're a man can do what you want
Noone tells you to do or don't
The demon is here when you're feeling weak
Take some of this, listen when I speak

Take this stuff, it'll fix your life
You'll love it more than your wife
You give up, and you'll be ruled
You'll be one of the devil's fools
Just try a little, you can help yourself
To feel no pain equals all the wealth
Take some more cause it's almost time
One more shot and your soul is mine

See the world through black glasses
Watch my life as it passes
Through the city to the gates of hall
The demons there all will know me well
In the pain of my nightmare
Just give me more cause I don't care
Take me deeper, take me down
Demons wait for you underground

Walk with demons beneath your feet
You have things you must take,
And dealers to meet
You cant control the spin,
Not by the shape that you're in
How could you tell
You would wake up in hell

"Lee has been around and has seen a lot of stuff and we talked a lot and through being around each other we learned a lot about each other. He learned a lot about what I went through with my addiction and I learned how it is for him to do his thing. Someone in England wrote, 'It's obviously about Dave's struggle with this addiction, ' and I'm thinking, 'you fucking nimrod, it's Lee's lyric not mine!' They don't care who they slander or slag, but I know if I got upset every time someone printed a lie about me I'd probably be wearing a straight jacket by now, eating baby food." (Mustaine, 1996)


(Music: Mustaine; lyrics: Mustaine, Ving)

All I need's a highway sign
To destinate my life
Play all night and drive all day,
My job, and it's my wife
Once you get to going,
There ain't no turning round
Across the USA and back again
To give the people sounds

And when the party's over
And we done all that we can
I find out what time's check out time
Get up and get back in the van, I'm Roadman

Every night is Friday night,
Same show different day
Tomorrow we'll be headed down the road,
And on our way
Off to see more thirsty faces
With them join with us to slam
Good sportsmanship and bruises
Is our basic battle plan

"'Roadman' was a touring song, Lee and I wrote on that song. It's really hard to explain to somebody what it's like to tour. Everyone thinks it's champagne, pussy and cocaine and sure, that's what it's like in the beginning when you're totally new and you wear yourself out and you end up dead or worse. That gets old after a while. If you do it for the love of playing to people, the novelty wears off and you keep doing it. But if that's all you're in it for you end up dying or making a crappy record." (Mustaine, 1996)

Hell's Motel :: Day the Music Died :: Fight Hate :: Designer Behavior :: The Creed :: My Town :: Voices :: Nothing Is Something :: Hearts Will Bleed :: No Pain :: Roadman
MD.45 - The Craving :: Making Music Your Business: A Guide for Young Musicians :: Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper

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