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...Dave Mustine met David Ellefson when Ellefson was playing his bass at early in the morning and Mustaine had a terrible hangover, and Ellefson was playing the bass line to Van Halen's "Runnin' with the Devil," so Dave took a flower pot and dropped it on Ellefson's air-conditioner (Mustaine lived in the apartment above Ellefson), and yelled out at the top of his lungs for Ellefson to shut up. Then a few moments later Ellefson knocked on his door and asked Mustaine if he knew where to get any cigarettes, and Mustaine said "Yeah, down the street at the liquor store" and slammed the door in Ellefson's face. Ellefson knocked on the door again and asked Mustaine if he was old enough to buy beer, and Mustaine said "Now you talkin'". So they went and picked up a case of Heineken and that's how David Ellefson got in the band.

...Dave Mustaine is of French origin and David Ellefson is of Scandinavian origin.

...Dave Mustaine's parents were Jehova Witnesses.

...Nick Menza's father, Don Menza, played the saxophone part in the movie "The Pink Panther".

...Nick Menza was born in Munich, Germany. the beginning Dave Mustaine wanted Diamond Head's singer Sean Harris to become Megadeth vocalist.

...Kerry King of Slayer was not in the band at the beginning, he just agreed to help out Dave when Mustaine got a few shows booked.

...the original Megadeth second guitarist was Greg Handevidt, who was high school friend of David Ellefson. Greg Handevidt was in Megadeth in March '84 for a few weeks - he later returned to Minnesota and formed Kublai Khan.

...when Marty Friedman was auditioned to join Megadeth, he studied the songs from their first three albums, and nothing from the new stuff because they were afraid that if he didnt't make it, he would steal all their ideas.

...Dave Mustaine asked Chris Poland to rejoin Megadeth when Rust in Peace was recorded but Chris declined because of his solo album and because of the fact that the music was already written so Chris really didn't get a chance to put in ideas.

...Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson played in a jazz-rock band New Yorkers, before they joined Megadeth.

...before joining Megadeth Jimmy DeGrasso already worked with Dave Mustaine on his side project, MD.45 The Craving.

...Dave Mustaine dedicated the last song they played at Woodstock '99 to Gar Samuelson, who had died 11 days earlier.

...woman and child that appear in "A Tout Le Monde" video are Dave's wife Pam and his son Justis.


...Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! was re-released in 1996 without the Nancy Sinatra cover "These Boots", because Nancy Sinatra demanded to much money for the song.

...Jeff Young wanted the album So Far, So Good... So What! to be called No Warning.

...all Japanese editions of Megadeth albums since Countdown to Extinction had previously unreleased bonus tracks.

...all Megadeth singles up to 1993 were released on CD in one limited edition Japanese box, entitled Megabox.

...there was a Megadeth game released on "Skin O'My Teeth" single (each game piece on a different single format), which as Dave admitted was aimed to increase the singles sales by making people buy all the versions.

..."Set the World Afire" was originally titled "Megadeath", but it was retitled to "Burnt Offerings" after Dave Mustaine decided to call the band Megadeth. "Burnt Offerings" was played at the first Megadeth live show and then it was once again retitled to "Set the World Afire". (?)

..."Wake Up Dead" was originally titled "Blood and Honor".

...the first version of "My Last Words" was titled "Next Victim" and that it was played at the first Megadeth live show.

...the first version of "FFF" (with different lyrics) was titled "Bullprick" and it was supposed to be released on the B-side of A Tout Le Monde single.

..."Wanderlust" was originally titled "Smoking Gun" and it was written when Cryptic Writings was recorded, but it wasn't released until Risk.

..."When" is very similar to Diamond Head's "Am I Evil" (some say it's a copy of that song).


...Rude Awakening live album was supposed to be recorded in Buenos Aires, but the it was changed to Tucson, Arizona due to September 11th terrorist attacks.

...a bootleg entitled Ferro 1997, recorded in Buenos Aires, was supposed to be an official live album, which can be guessed from its very good sound quality and from the fact that at the end of the show Dave Mustaine says: "Muchas-fucking-gracias Argentina! Listen! We wanna thank you for coming here tonight. I hope you had a great fucking time. And thank you for helping us make a live-fucking-record!"

...Megadeth played their first gig on February 15, 1984.

...Megadeth played their last gig on November 17, 2001.

...Megadeth didn't play any gigs in 1989 and in 1996.


...Megadeth video for "In My Darkest Hour" was featured in a famous documentary "The Decline of Western Civilization Pt. II: The Metal Years" directed by Penelope Spheeris, who also directed the video. the movie "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" when they visit Hell, Bill tells Ted: "You can take all my Megadeth albums, if I die." the movie "Sliver" there is a Countdown to Extinction poster in the background of a room. (?) the movie "Wayne's World II" Garth asks Kim Basinger "Do you have any Megadeth?" an episode of the "X-files" agent Moulder tells his partner: "Better hide your Megadeth albums, Scully!" an episode of "Northern Exposure" when Shelly was pregnant she said "It kicked! Just like on the cover of a Megadeth album" and she massaged her big belly. a "Beavis and Butthead" episode entitled "Sperm Bank" when Beavis and Butthead are asked to fill in a form they can't do it, so one of them draws a giant skull on it and the other one writes "Megadeth".

..."Peace Sells" was featured in the computer game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". The game is set in the 80's and the car radios play 80's music. V-rock, which is the name of one of the radio stations in the game, plays rock and "Peace Sells" is on its playlist.

..."Peace Sells", "Devil's Island" and "Crush'em" were featured in the videogame "Freestyle Metal X".

..."I Ain't Superstitious" was featured in a Japanese Honda commercial in 1996.

...Anthrax' song "Who Put This Together" from the Got The Time single features a sample of Dave Mustaine saying "The youth of America wants to thrash right now," taken from MTV's "Fast and Loud" heavy metal special from 1987.

...Dave Mustaine played a role of an arsonist called Torchy Thompson in a episode of science fiction TV series "Black Scorpion".

...Dave Mustaine had a cameo in a episode of TV series "Drew Carrey Show". He was one of the guitarists auditioned by Drew Carrey, who was seeking a guitarist for his band. Other candidates were Slash and Joey Ramone.

...Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson sung back-up vocals in the song "Chain Gang Woman" on Malice's Licence to Kill album (1987?).

...Dave Mustaine produced Sanctuary's Refuge Denied (1988) and sung back-up vocals in the song "White Rabbit".


...Dave Mustaine is believed to have said that they would release a live album only if they had to fulfill a contract obligation, although Dave himself denies it.

...Dave Mustaine is known for his self contradictory statements. the 1992 presidential elections Dave Mustaine was part of MTV's "Rock the Vote" campaign covering the Democratic Convention. 1994 renowned writer Dean Koontz wrote an atricle about Megadth entitled: Godzilla vs. Megadeth.

..."Hangar 18" is about a military installation that holds alien creatures

...the girl who did the spoken part in the middle of "Countdown to Extinction" is a friend of Marty Friedman named Jun. She worked at a sushi bar near the studio and Megadeth asked her to come and record with them.

...among the world leaders shown on the cover of Rust in Peace only George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev can be recognized, the leaders of Germany, Great Britain and Japan do not resemble any German, British or Japanese politicians of that era.

...on the album cover of Hidden Treasures you can find all the song titles listed on the map as cities except for the song "Paranoid".

...Youthanasia was banned in Malaysia and Singapore, as officials there have deemed the cover artwork "defamatory."

...the videos for "A Tout Le Monde" and "Reckoning Day" were "banned" from the MTV.

...the tenative name for the MD.45 project was Mastermind, but Dave Mustaine had to change it, because there already was a band called Mastermind.

...the name of MD.45 project stands for Dave Mustaine's and Lee Ving's initials, MD is Dave Mustaine's initials backwards and the 45 is Lee Ving's initials backwards in Roman Numerals (VL).

...Megadeth's "Mechanix" and Metallica's "The Four Horsemen" are the same song with different lyrics.

...Dave Mustaine is officially recognized as co-author of six Metallica songs from their two first albums Kill'em All and Ride the Lighting, but he also claims that he wrote "Lepper Messiah". 2001 Dave Mustaine collaborated on a project with Diamond Head's guitarist Brian Tatler, but they didn't release anything so far.

...when Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor remixed "Symphony of Destruction," he also used a riff from "Take No Prisoners".

...when Pink Floyd didn't have a name one of the names they considered was "The Megadeaths".

...during a press conference in Tiara Hotel in Medan, Indonesia, on July 30, 2001 Dave Mustaine said that Megadeth will break up after the release of their 10th studio album.

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